I can dance if I want to…

Lorelai is smiling and laughing now. Well, at least she tries to laugh. I’m trying to get a picture of her big smile, but every time I pick up the camera, she stops. Just like when she looks at her daddy. omg. that’s such a mean thing to say. She loves her daddy, it’s just that she gets more mommy time than daddy time.

So, she likes me more! FINALLY! I was always so jealous that Nikisha seemed to like daddy more. Now he gets to see how it feels. It probably won’t last long because Dave has his ways of turning on his charms and stealing the show.

Baby likes it when I do a silly dance or make silly faces. But her biggest smiles are when I have the biggest smiles on my face. She prefers mommy’s funny faces over cute musical toys. I feel so special, at least for the moment.

Dave and I have realized that Lorelai has the best big sister ever. Nikisha adores her so much. She is patient and hasn’t lost her temper with her baby sister yet. And Nik doesn’t usually have much patience. I think it’s because she understands that Lorelai is just a baby.

Nik helps me by giving the baby her pacifier or bottle when I’m doing something. She plays with her if she cries. She talks to her and gives her kisses when we’re playing.

The one bad thing is that Nik doesn’t like sharing her blanket with Baeby if there is another blanket around. Good thing is, if her blanket is the only one that’s clean, she’ll give it up. That’s because she loooooves her baby sister.

I feel lucky to have my wonderful girls.

Dancing: the perfect weight-loss exercise that’s fun and you can do without having to put the baby down. I love it. Plus, baby&sister love it, too!

Btw, it was great to have ams visit even if it was only for a few hours. Thanks for all the baeby things. I LOVE the blanket! I’ll have to post a pic later.

One Month

She’s growing. Fast. I’m not positive, but I think she could be close to 10 pounds now. She eats so much, this makes me glad for the option to formula feed and happy for the WIC program. If not for those, I’d be super sore with a baby attached to my chest 24/7 and/or beyond the broke we have found ourselves to be lately.

French Toast

That’s what she smells like sometimes. When she drinks, she sometimes lets the milk run down the side of her mouth and down to her neck. So when I smell her, she smells like a delicious breakfast. It’s bad enough I always want to eat her up, then she smells like that. It’s hard to keep from biting her. But don’t worry, I won’t.

She eats so much. Sometimes I feel like all I do is prepare bottles for her to eat. Then when I think she’s had enough, she wants more. I want to get a baby scale just so I can see how much she gains a day. She’s such a piggy. And with all the formula she drinks, she’s become a pooping machine. ew. At least she’s not constipated anymore.

As Grandma Auayan had pointed out in her comment on my last entry, Lorelai is spoiled. Daddy spoils her rotten. And Grandma can’t help but buy her lots of things. I’m not complaining (yet). I guess I spoil her also. I can’t help but smother her with kisses even when she’s got a loaded diaper.

I’m a bit lost for words right now. Check out her pictures. I put up some more. Bye for now.