Maeby: she’ll sleep through the night

Every night she’d wake up at least once. Sometimes twice. On really bad nights, three or even four times she was up screaming her head off. We couldn’t figure out what it was that was waking her up all the time. She should be sleeping through the night, right?

Is she not eating enough at night? Let’s feed her more. Is she cold? Let’s put the warmest pj she has on her. Maybe it’s too quiet. We’ll put some soft music on.

Nothing worked and well after she should be sleeping through the night, she still woke up every few hours like a newborn. It was freaking us out but we didn’t have the insurance to take her to see a doctor.

She’s had a really bad skin problem the past six months or so. We’re not sure if it’s due to allergies or exzema. We covered her in moisturizer many times a day and then at night at bedtime. Just last week it looked like it was really clearing up. This week it is almost completely gone, and if it weren’t for a few light scars from all the scratching she had done when it got really bad, you might not even noticed she had anything at all.

The best part is that she’s slept through the night four nights in a row. Let’s just hope that I don’t jinx it by publishing this blog. We’d all really like to get some good nights’ sleep from now on.

At least until the scary dreams start.

Maeby: she’s ready to potty train

When school was out for Niki, and summer began, I decided I would give potty training Maeby a shot. It started out easy enough and I thought I had it made. Until we started traveling and I’d forget the potty seat. Or she’d be too shy to go because we’re not home. Or I was just too busy to stick to the routine.

Feeling like a failure, I temporarily gave up. I decided that she, and I, aren’t ready. Besides, she was only 19 months old. I didn’t want to push her or myself because we might get too frustrated and set ourselves back.

Over the next few months, I would bring her into the restroom with me and just have her sit on the potty seat. Even big sissy joined in and brought her to the restroom when she had to go. I have to say, it was darned cute and made me proud that she was helping her sister. Still, she only “went” in the potty a few times over those months.

Until this past week.

Two days in a row she had pulled off her pull-ups when I wasn’t looking and peed on the floor a few feet from the restroom. I told the hubs about this and he wondered if she was trying to get into the restroom but couldn’t. So, when I wasn’t home, he took her to potty a couple of times when he noticed her pulling them down. Now?

Now she’s pulling off her pants and pull-ups and running over to the restroom. More and more she’s going in her potty. The cutest part, she’s shy! When she’s ready she looks at us, waves, and says “Bye. Bye!” When she’s done, she opens the door. It’s cute and I love it!