French Toast

That’s what she smells like sometimes. When she drinks, she sometimes lets the milk run down the side of her mouth and down to her neck. So when I smell her, she smells like a delicious breakfast. It’s bad enough I always want to eat her up, then she smells like that. It’s hard to keep from biting her. But don’t worry, I won’t.

She eats so much. Sometimes I feel like all I do is prepare bottles for her to eat. Then when I think she’s had enough, she wants more. I want to get a baby scale just so I can see how much she gains a day. She’s such a piggy. And with all the formula she drinks, she’s become a pooping machine. ew. At least she’s not constipated anymore.

As Grandma Auayan had pointed out in her comment on my last entry, Lorelai is spoiled. Daddy spoils her rotten. And Grandma can’t help but buy her lots of things. I’m not complaining (yet). I guess I spoil her also. I can’t help but smother her with kisses even when she’s got a loaded diaper.

I’m a bit lost for words right now. Check out her pictures. I put up some more. Bye for now.

4 thoughts on “French Toast”

  1. Thats what grandma’s suppose to do. And when their grand babies get older they bake them cookies. Right David.
    I finally seen my name with out me writing. Mommy spoils Lorelai too. LOL We all get to smother her with kisses and soon it will be with candy kisses. I love you all.

  2. we should get one of those huge bouncy jumpers. when maebyl’s old enough, we’ll throw vince and lorelai in there. they could live in there for days…i know i wanted to…

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