The Amazing Maeby

Maeby is amazing. She’s also a bit craezy, if you ask me.
She’s pulling herself up to a standing position. And she loves it.
When she wants to get down, she just lets go and plops herself onto her butt.
She’s climbing stairs too. Been doing so for a week now. Up and then right back down.
She’s practically standing on her own. She just needs a little (and I really mean little) support.

She’s going to be a very determined person. I can see it. She already is.
If she fails, she tries again. A little more cautiously, but still tries.
Give it a few more weeks and I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts walking.

I guess it helps that I don’t baby her too much.
I mean, I play with her, cuddle her, carry her, etc.
I just put her down sometimes. And I let her go.
I don’t pick her up as soon as she starts to whine.
Most of the time she stops and finds something else to entertain herself.
If nothing works, then I’ll give her my full attention and see what she wants.

Ohman. So. There was this one day that nik and I decided to take pictures together. We had some happy pictures, loving pictures, crazy pictures, and silly pictures. Maeby saw us being silly and wanted to join us. She she crawled over really fast and was so excited she started attacking me. You have to see it.


Whenever I just stop and look at her, I freak out at how big she is. She’s growing so fast. Sometimes it feels too fast. I mean, she’s not even 9 months old yet, but she’s as big as an average 1-year-old. She even acts like it in many ways.

Did I mention that she’s got 2 more teeth? That makes 4 total. Dang.

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