One Happy Mama!

Okay. So. Earlier today I was talking about how, with just a little bit of support, she’ll be standing on her own. Well, it’s only been twelve hours since I mentioned it.. and she’s done it. Unbelievable.

We just got home from Grandma Auayan’s house. I tried to put her down on the carpet. Her feet plopped down and she was in a standing position. I tried to get her to sit, but she wasn’t having it. She didn’t want to be put down. She wanted to be carried. We mama wasn’t having it either. So. I let her go.

She was so mad that she was too busy “crying” to realize she was standing all by herself. She stood there for at least two seconds. For a baby just learning to stand, two seconds is a long time. I got so excited I tried it again. TWO MORE SECONDS!!!

Okay. So by then I was so excited that I was telling Dave to get the camera. Just our luck, though, she decided she wasn’t going to do it again.

Thanks, Maeby. Thanks.

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