Flower Power is back

And it’s making baeby scream with joy. Maybe it’s the bright colors, or the huge smile, but whatever it is, she LOVES it.

IMG_0411.JPG IMG_0406.JPG

She’s reaching for the stars. No, not those stars. We have these plush stars we took off the mobile her grandma got her and we hang it in front of her. She slowly reaches for it. Not because she’s slow, but because she wants to take her time and make sure she gets it. She likes to reach for things now, but she doesn’t care much for holding them. She’d rather touch them to feel what they feel like.

She starting to roll over too. Daddy rolled her over and over on the bed, and she liked it so much she had to learn how. She’s getting really good at it.

She spent last weekend at her Grandparents’ house. I’m glad. They really should be able to see her more. Hopefully we get our second car soon. I’d bring the girls over more during the week.

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