baeby videos

It took me a while, but I finally got good videos of Lorelai to share with everyone. Look at how much she’s laughing and talking. It amazes me at how much she can do at her age.

so. she’s 3 months. I took her to the WIC office yesterday and they said she was 16 pounds. When I blogged it a week ago, I wasn’t sure. Now I am. She’s a chunkalunk for sure.

I brought her to Dave’s work and everyone thought she was 5-6 months old. Dave’s Aunt Brenda guessed she was about 8 months! Imagine everyone’s surprise when they found out she was only 3.5 months.

I’ve added a link for more baeby pictures under the flickr stream we’ve already got going. That way, Dave and I could keep the ones we took separate. Because man, I’ve been taking most of those pictures. heh. It’s a good thing I love that guy.

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