Happy New Year, Baeby!

She’s so happy!

Took her in for her 2 month shots on Friday. She took it pretty well for a baby that just got FIVE SHOTS! She cried out for a minute, but calmed down after daddy got her. She didn’t cry anymore after that, but she did sleep a lot longer and more than usual.

We got her growth info. She was 12 pounds 12 ounces and 23-3/4 inches long. Previous weight check was less than 2 weeks before and she was just under 12 pounds. I can only imagine how big she is now. She’s probably 13 pounds by now.

growth calculated

According to the chart, she’s at the top of the charts for her age, but she does average out when it comes to her weight for length.

Right after her appointment, we went to Walmart to get some infant Tylenol incase she gets a fever from the shots. At the registers, I passed by this cute little baby boy (sort of) sitting up in a cart. I overhear the mother telling the cashier how old he is. She said he was 4 months old. Can you imagine how I felt when I realized Lorelai was the same size? My baby is growing so fast.

I’m freaked out about how fast she’s growing. I’m not used to it considering Nikisha has always been on the small side of things. At the same time, I’m excited. It’s easier to play with her since she doesn’t seem so fragile. I’m also a bit sad. I don’t want her to grow too fast because before I know it, she won’t be a baby anymore.

Oh well. No matter what, I’m still happy.

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  1. Awww. She’s so adorable! And chubby. XD Poor little maebys had shots, 😮 I think she’s braver than me.

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