Heavyweight Division

In the left corner…
at 23 inches tall and…
weighing in at 11 pounds 14 ounces…

Lorelai “Chunkalunk” Maebyl!!!

And in the right corner…
with sore arms and tired legs…

Her Poor Mommy!


Yesterday I took Lorelai to our WIC appointment where they checked her height and weight. According to them, her height is 21-3/4 inches and she was in the 40 percentile. That means for her age, she would be considered short. I had a feeling they were mistaken, so when we got home I had Dave check. Turns out she’s actually 23 inches. That makes her about average height. If all turns out right, she’ll be taller than me.

The shocker for me was her weight. I placed her on the scale with only a clean dry diaper. I was expecting 10 pounds or maybe 10.5. So you could imagine my surprise when the scale read 12 pounds. We took off a couple ounces and figured she was 11 pounds 14 ounces. 2 ounces short of 12 pounds!

That explains why my arms hurt so much from carrying her. It explains the bruise on my forearm where I occasionally place the arm of her carseat at when I’m carrying her places. It explains why her clothes are already getting small on her. She’s not even 2 months old yet, but she’s almost outgrown the 0-3 months clothing.

Proof is in the picture above.

Speaking of, in that pictures she’s in a Deluxe Take-Along Swing from Fisher Price. It’s an older model but it’s still awesome. I had the exact same one when Nikisha was a baby. Dave and I bought another one for Anaiah a couple years later. I bought this one used for $25 on craigslist.com. Similar swings go for $40 and up new. The swing is still in good condition.

For me, it’s a Must-Have. It keeps baby busy. It soothes. It has lights and music for entertainment. The two hanging toys start the music when pulled. Best of all, it’s travel-size. Just fold and go. I love it.

2 thoughts on “Heavyweight Division”

  1. Nicole,
    All this shall pass. Thanks for helping me with Christmas. Want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and remember next year she will be one. Stop carrying her every time. Tell David if he wants to hold her all the time, then take her to work with him. lol he can hold her all day long…. Don’t tell him I said so. Shhhhh.heheheh lol

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