Poop there it is!

potty_training001.jpgA little over a week ago I started putting you on the toilet for a few minutes a day to get you used to sitting there. You didn’t seem to have too much of a problem. I’ve also been allowing you to run around without your pull-ups so you can get used to landing on your butt without a diaper. You loved the feeling of being free and would run around with the happiest look on your face. Until I put a clean pull-up on you.

Whenever I think you’re about to poop, I pick you up to put you on the toilet. It never worked because you were actually finished before I’d pick you up. Today was different. I caught you on time. You pooped in the toilet for the first time. I know that this doesn’t mean you’ll catch on right away, but this mama can hope, right? At least if I figure out your usual routine, I could save on pull-ups, water and baby wash. If you’re potty-trained within the next few months, you daddy and I would be the happiest parents on the face of the earth. So I was wondering, how much do you love making us happy?

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