No Milk For Baeby

Maeby is VERY allergic to dairy.

Over the weekend, grandma had the girls while we went apartment hunting. They had mashed potatoes and gravy. They used milk in the mashed potatoes. She ate some. An hour later, she was throwing up all her food. A little while after that, she was throwing up again. I think in total, she threw up 5 or 6 times. She seemed better by the time we got back and was able to hold down her formula. Then when we were all sleeping, she threw up again.

Last night she had ONE cheeto and now she has a rash all over her body. Gave her some Benedryl and just waiting for it to go away.

poor Baeby. *sigh* 🙁

in other happier news

Lorelai stands a lot longer now and with more confidence. When we put her down she automatically stands. She also does a little dance to show you that she’s good. I love the little smile she has while doing that, it makes me happy knowing she’s happy knowing we’re watching.

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