6-1/3 months old and she’s going. She rolls all around the apartment, exploring every area she can. She’ll scoot under the couch to get ahold of something she sees that interests her. She doesn’t crawl yet, but that doesn’t seem to stop her or slow her down.

If you watched the previous video dave posted with her taking a bath at gma’s house, you’ll see that she’s quite the talker. She “blah blah blah”‘s so much. I love it.

She’s starting to sit on her own. She’s not very good at it yet, but she can do it for a least a minute or two.
sitting baeby IMG_1962.JPG

We taught her how to shake things. She’s pretty good at it.

Now, whenever we give her a rattle, she shakes it and waits for us to shake our heads or bodies. It’s like a little game she plays. It’s way too cute.

She also laughs a lot more. Before it took a lot for us to get her to, but now… now she laughs whenever she thinks something is funny.

omg. she’s such a happy baeby.

*don’t forget to check out all the fancy new pics*

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