IKEA Craezy

Since moving to Seattle we’ve gone to IKEA about 4 times. We’ve only been here two weeks. While at IKEA, I stumbled upon the IKEA Jr. section. I wish I had been prepared for this. I fell in love with the stuff they had there and wanted to cry the whole time we were there.

Amongst the selections my favorite items were the MAMMUT collection. Especially the wardrobe and dresser.

There are also the toddler bed, a little night stand, the children’s table, chair and stool. I went completely bonkers while I was there and wanted to buy everything. Of course, I couldn’t because we don’t have the money.. yet. I say “yet” because once we have the money, I’m probably buying some of these things. Until then, anyone willing to donate to the cause, feel free. Maeby’s birthday is coming up and she’s going to need a new toddler bed. *hint*

I did buy these star-shaped nets to hang in the room and put some of the girls toys and stuffed animals in them.

A Star Was Born

Get the video camera!

video monitors

I don’t know how long this type of baby monitoring has been around, but when I had Nikisha, the sound baby monitors were the only things available to monitor baby from another room. I never actually used them because I felt uncomfortable with the idea. Yes, I could hear if she cried or coughed, but I wouldn’t be able to see if she was pressed up against the side of the crib or worse. Running back and forth to her crib to check on her wasn’t a fun idea either. So, I would just lay a blanket on the ground wherever I’m at so I can keep an eye on her.

Now, if they had video monitors similar to these, I may have considered buying them. Except that they’re a bit pricey. But can you imagine, you can make all the noise you want while cleaning and not have to worry about waking up the sleeping baby on the floor next to you? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

Either way, I want to get this.. or something similar. Even when Lorelai grows up, I can still use it for when she’s big. I can even use it now for when Nikisha wants to play in her room and I have housework to do.

Sleep In Style

I’ve been searching for a crib perfect for Lorelai, but I haven’t had much luck finding one that I like that’s within our budget. Funny thing is, I don’t even know what our budget is. All I know is that the ones I like are way too expensive. That’s probably why I haven’t gotten one for her yet. I really do need to get one real soon.

During my search I came across the Slotti Candy Girl Crib featured above and instantly fell in love with it. Problem is, it’s almost a forbidden love or something, because even though it’s the CUTEST CRIB EVER, I don’t know if I would spend $355 ($250 for the crib + $104.98 for shipping) + tax on it. Especially since I don’t know if she’ll sleep in it very long and it won’t be available for another 2 to 6 weeks. It’s an awesome crib, but um.. no.

I really need to find a crib soon.

Another cute Slotti item is the Superstar Changing Table