Maeby: You’re growing too fast

My little Beezy,

Today Meemoo and I decided to go on a photography excursion. Since it was beautiful outside, we took you to Coulon Beach Park so you could play. While we were there I realized just how big you’ve gotten.

We didn’t need a stroller.

You ran around like a big girl and didn’t need to be carried or pushed around. You picked a flower and held onto it for a long time while taking in the scene around us. When we saw some duckies, you went as close as you could without running after them.

You played at the playground and didn’t need anyone to help you most of the time. You swung on the big kids’ swing all by yourself!

There were turtles. Lots of them. Four in a row on a log. A few scattered on some of the other logs. And even more swimming around. You liked seeing them and now we can’t wait to bring you and your sister to the zoo.

After you got tired of the playground we went to the “beach” area where you walked in the sand and played in the water. When I tried to stand in the water with you, I felt like my feet were going to freeze off. It was so cold! I don’t know how you could stand in that water so long, but you did. And you played. You splashed. And got your little dress all wet.

But it didn’t bother me one bit because you were having fun.

You were sad when we had to go and so was I. Except it was getting late and mama forgot to bring water. If you knew what I had done you’d tell me, “You’re creezy, mama!”

To make up for leaving early, I bought you some ice cream. Which you ate all by yourself. You big girl, you. Of course, mama and Meemoo had to get some for ourselves too. We’re big girls, it’s okay. Even though I sometimes say I want you to hurry and grow up, today I wished you wouldn’t.

In a week you’ll be 2.5 years old. I can’t believe it.

Love, mama

More photos.

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