No shoes, no shirt

Maybe one day in the future you’ll ask me why I haven’t posted up a lot of pictures of you recently. It’s not because I don’t think you’re adorable or anything. As a matter of fact, you might actually be too cute for anyone’s good. Everyone who knows you now will agree with me when I say this.

You hold us captive with the sparkle in your eyes, the chunks of your cheeks, the singsong of your voice, and your infectious laugh. Your ability to shock us everytime you do something new keeps us entertained. I’d absolutely LOVE to put up more photos and videos of you, but there’s one problem.

You won’t wear anything but your training pants.

Hell. If you had it your way, you’d drop those too. Trust me. I completely understand. That’s why I have no problem with you running around the house with nothing but your Pull-Ups on. Enjoy it while you can because when you’re older, you will have to wear more. At least, most of the time.

The thing is, because I allow you to run around that way, most moments captured on camera will be of you like that. You will thank me when you’re older that I held back. Because at this very moment I would love nothing more than to post pictures of your cuteness all over the internet for the whole world to enjoy with me.

So I’ll hold myself back and post only the photos and videos where you’re at least wearing a shirt with your training pants. At least, I’ll try. Except, every now and then there will be one that I couldn’t resist putting up.

I blame you. For being so cute.

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