Another awesome month

Letter to Lorelai (1 year 4 months):


This month you learned to eat with a spoon. Previously we had been just putting your food on your tray and letting you eat with your hands. It was the first step to allowing you to feed yourself. Then, one day I noticed you were getting most of your food in your mouth instead of everywhere else. That was when I decided to take the next step and give you a bowl and spoon. We let you try to figure out what to do with it. We figured that maybe you’ll watch the rest of us eat and get the idea. It sure didn’t take long for you to master it, did it?

Day one you used the spoon to poke and drum on your food and bowl while using your hands to eat your food. Day two you tried to scoop the food but without success. You even tried picking up the food and placing it on the spoon, but it’d fall right off. Day three you figured it out and was scooping like a professional. I could barely believe my eyes. You mastered it so fast.


It was also time for you to sleep in the room that you share with Niki. You were getting too big, and beat me up too much, to sleep in daddy’s and my bed any longer. Despite my hesitation, I did it right away. I knew that the longer I put it off, the harder it would be for the transition. The lack of sleep for a few nights (even weeks) now would be worth it if I could finally have my bed back.

To my surprise, it didn’t take too long for you to get used to. It even helped get your sister to stay in her bed instead of climbing into ours early in the morning. You have no idea how happy that made me to know that I can sleep better. My back doesn’t hurt anymore from night after night of trying not to roll over and squish you. Yes. Squish.


We’ve been to the playground a few times this month because of the beautiful weather. As soon as we get there I’d just put you down and let you run around. Of course, I stayed real close and kept my eye on you to make sure you didn’t get hurt. After running around checking everything out, you got bored of the low things. You wanted to climb, and climb you did!

Up, up, up the steps you went, slowly but surely. When you made it to the top, you looked back and gave me the biggest most triumphant smile imaginable. You crawled into the tunnel and looked out at me through the holes on the side. You were so happy to be able to play like a big kid.


Yesterday, while we were waiting for your sister to get out of her jazz class, I took out a coloring book and crayons so we could color. You got a good hold on those crayons and scribbled away like a professional. You even went as far as using both hands. It was fun, wasn’t it? While you got to color for the first time, I got to color too. That brown cloud looked pretty good, didn’t it?

One of your other little quirks is that you’re so in love with the cats. You play with them, lay on them, even sit on them. It doesn’t matter that they scratch you when you’re too rough, you still won’t leave them alone. I’m pretty sure that’s where you learned how to clearly pronounce the word “Ow!!!” when you get hurt. Except it’s more of a fake “OOOOOOW!!!” drawn out for a dramatic effect.

Is there anything you can’t do? If you really wanted to do it, I’m sure there isn’t.


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