Cat Fight


Yesterday Lorelai was running around being crazy while I was putting clothes in the washer. She had just ran right past me when all of a sudden she just started crying. At first I thought she was just being her usual silly self crying for my attention, but she didn’t come looking for me and the crying got louder really quick. The kicker was when there was a long pause. You know the one. The one where the kid is crying so hard that no sound comes out for a few seconds and the only thing you can think about is “Breathe! Please breathe!”. That was my thoughts as I ran around the corner to find out what happened.

Miss Kitty has been a bit cranky lately. Probably because of a hair ball building up inside of her. She’s been running around the apartment like a bat out of hell. Scratching the couches, running through the blinds, and bouncing small toys off the walls. She’s reached out and clawed me a couple of times as I was passing by her.

I didn’t actually see what happened, but I’m thinking the baby ran over to her and she freaked out. In only a second, Miss Kitty defended herself from her attacker. Now she’s got the battle wounds to prove it. Blood smeared all over her face and I couldn’t see exactly where it was coming from. I grabbed her and ran to the bathroom to wash it off. That was when I saw what happened. Her precious little face had been scratched. Her left cheek and around her mouth. She even got her hand scratched.

This brings me to a hard decision. The baby is fine and she is now acting like nothing ever happened. The problem is, every time I see the scratches on her face, I’m not fine. What if it had been an eye? Do I wait around and hope it doesn’t happen? Or do I do something about the cat? What do I do about the cat if I decide to do something?

I refuse to de-claw her because the process is so inhumane. Dave told me that they don’t just pull out her claws, but actually cut off a part of her little toes. Can you imagine getting your finger cut off up to the first knuckle? That’s what they do to de-claw a cat.

So, my choices are to either keep her and hope that she never hurts the baby more than she already has or give her away. I’ve actually been thinking about this for a long time, but I’m having a bit of a problem. Both Dave and Nikisha love Miss Kitty, as do I. Dave refuses to allow me to give her away. So I’m stuck not knowing what to do.

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