loving sisters

today i had time to read a short story to the girls. the baby seemed to love it. she couldn’t stop smiling and cooing the whole time. i think she just thought i was talking to her since the book was above her head propped up against the arm of the couch. it was the cutest thing.

the story was about Strawberry Shortcake and her baby sister Apple Dumplin’. I didn’t even realize they were sisters until I had started reading it. So, nik and I pretended that they were nik and lorelai. it was lorelai’s (apple’s) birthday and nik (strawberry) was going to throw a party for her. she took her baby sister around in a wagon to gather supplies. they had a great time. the party turned out great.

i could totally see my girls doing things like that together. nik already does so much for her sister without anyone telling her to. i’ve just got to keep encouraging them to play together. hopefully i do things right.

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