Maeby Says

Just wanted to get a list of words and phrases that she says as of today. Some of the things she says isn’t exactly that clear, but we know what she’s saying. We repeat what she says, but the right way, so that she can practice. It seems to work because she’s getting better.

Single Words

Da-yee – Daddy!
Beebee – Beebee (that’s her!)
Shissy – Sissy
Mama – 😀
Naknak – Niknik
Boboos – That’s what she says when she wants more milk in her bottle
Shfishfy – Fishy

Short Phrases

Uh Oh
What’s that?
More please?
You’re Welcome
Thank You – 09/05/08

When she says something new, I’ll add it with the date she said it.. or at least as close as I can get.

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